What all New Homeowners Should Know About Hiring a Plumber

From washing the dishes to taking a shower, plumbing is one of the most frequently used systems in a home. Even if a plumbing system is brand new, issues are bound to happen. Whether you are experiencing a leaky faucet or a pipe has burst, if you are a new homeowner and you are having any type of plumbing problem, contacting a professional plumbing company is the best way to permanently solve the issue.

Types of Plumbing Services Offered

Plumbers offer several different services to satisfy different needs, though there are some services that all plumbers do offer. Some of the most common plumbing services include:

  • Unclogging a Clogged Drain – Hair, soap scum, food debris and other items can accumulate in a drain, making it difficult or even impossible for water to pass through. Sure, you can try to fix the problem yourself with store-bought products, but for a major clog, you’ll need to hire a central islip plumber. The average cost for this service is $200.
  • Fix a Leaky Faucet –That dripping faucet is more than just annoying; it’s a waste of water and it can do damage to your sink or tub and your pipes. Having a leaky faucet repaired properly will require a plumber. The average cost for this service is $200.
  • Pumping a Septic Tank – All of that waste that gets flushed down your toilet and goes through your drains collects in a septic tank, and if it is not maintained, this tank can overflow, and this is a problem that you are going to not only need to, but that you are going to want to have repaired immediately. The average cost for this service is $680.
  • Leaking/Running Toilets – If your toilet bowl is leaking or the water continuously runs, you’ll need a sayville plumber to identify and correct the problem. The average cost for this repair is $200.
  • Repair a Burst Pipe – Pipes can burst as a result of exposure to the elements or excessive use. When this happens, the old pipe will need to be removed and a new one will need to be installed. You can expect that this service will cost you approximately $700.

Questions to Ask Your Plumber

By asking the following questions, you can make sure that you hire an islip plumber that you can trust:

  • Are you licensed? This is the first question that you should ask a prospective plumber. Having a license means that the plumber is registered to operate in your state or town. If a plumber is not license, his work may not pass an inspection. Don’t just take the plumber’s word for it either; as for his license information and check to ensure it is legitimate.
  • Are you insured? Being insured means that your plumber oakdale has insurance to cover the cost of any damages that may occur while repairs are being made. You’re going to want to pick a plumber who is insured if you don’t want to foot the bill for potential damages.
  • What does the cost estimate cover? Ask if the estimate the plumber gives you covers everything; materials, labor and a contingency, should any problems arise. If the price doesn’t cover everything, you may be in for a rude awakening when you get the total bill.
  • Do you charger by the hour or do you charge a flat rate? If you choose someone who charges an hourly rate, the cost could skyrocket if the job takes longer than anticipated, as the charges will continue to accrue until the job is done. A flat rate means that you will pay the price you are quoted.
  • Do you clean up? Make sure to find out if the plumber cleans up the mess that is made. You may be under the assumption that yes, the plumber will clean up, but you may be shocked to find that when the work is done, you are left with a huge puddle of water and old parts scattered all over the place.

Since plumbing is such an integral part of a home, it is important for all new homeowners to have a firm understanding of what’s involved with hiring a plumber so that they are well prepared and know what to expect, when and if they need one.